Naming Our Blog

Below is the list of all the names that you’ve come up with. When we return from Thanksgiving, you should have an idea of which one you like best, or if we should maybe blend some of these names together to make a new name. Caribbean Literature: Influence of Society and Langague Language & Literature (from

Blog Journal Conception

Above is the criteria you’ve decided to use to decide how to accept essays. Keep considering if this is how you’d like to conceptualize it, or if you’d like to change it. In regards to your blog description and the conceptualization of your audience I’m going to break it into two lists: one where your

Criteria for Collaborative Blog Journal Submissions

On Friday, we determined that many of our criteria for choosing essays for the collaborative journal fell under the category of “Accessibility”. We had four other elements that helped us choose these elements, and we still need to decide which of these are most important. Accessibility Includes: flow, organization, broad but clear, many examples, analysis,

Updated Syllabus

Please download the latest syllabus from the Course Documents page. The changes are minor, but I have flipped this Wednesday with next Wednesday, so you will only be doing one round of peer reviewing this week, and one round next week. This will allow you to make any desired revisions on your definition assignment before

Reminder: Bring Draft to Class

Just as a reminder, you’ll be working directly on your own assignment during part of class tomorrow, so don’t forget to bring a draft of your essay. You’ll need it to receive participation credit for the day.

Upcoming Event: Comparative Literature Cafe Chocolat

  If you’d like to learn more about Comparative Literature, especially if you’re considering in majoring in it, come to this event to chat, get to know people in the department, ask any questions you may have, and of course, snack on some tasty chocolate and pastries.

Reminder: Undergraduate Theory Reading Group Today!

The Department of Comparative Literature Undergraduate Theory Reading Group Invites You to Join Us in Reading   “Mirror-Role of Mother and Family in Child Development” By D. W. Winnicott   Where: Tuesday, October 20 at 4:30 pm When: Callaway Center N 106   Come join us for discussion and pizza!

Definition Assignment

In case you lose your prompt that I give you for the second assignment, it’s now been posted to the Course Documents page on this site. Have a great weekend!

Lastest Syllabus Update

Please download the latest version of the syllabus (found in this post and on the Course Documents page), which has the changes to account for the Thanksgiving holiday, along with a couple small changes in readings. CPLT 110 Syllabus Fall 2015